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Papa John’s wants to see you succeed! We are excited to provide learning opportunities that allow you to pursue your goals…with us, or beyond our doors. When you achieve, you’re at your best. And having the best people is a competitive advantage for Papa John’s, making the entire organization better. Papa John’s offers onboarding, leadership and best-in-class college tuition programs designed with you in mind.

Dough & Degrees Fully-Funded College Program

  • Take advantage of our industry-leading Dough & Degrees college benefit, offering a first-of-its-kind access to quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs. You can choose a program that interests you, from unrestricted fields of study offered through our online university partners. Employment, benefits and opportunities vary across Papa John’s franchises.

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  • Papa John’s Dough & Degrees fully funded college program

More ways to move ahead

  • Promotion from within

    More than 80% of leadership roles are filled internally

    Tuition reimbursement

    for corporate managers and above who attend career-related college programs at institutions outside of the Dough & Degrees program

    Internal training programs

    for restaurant operations team members, from orientation through multi-unit management

  • Professional development plans

    for high-performing restaurant managers with assigned mentors

    Internships and co-ops

    for college students across all lines of business units and job families

  • Leadership development workshops

    for leaders throughout the organization

    Extensive catalog of e-Learning

    courses and videos available

  • Career growth opportunities at Papa John’s
  • Getting started in style

    In most locations, most new team members go through a video-based orientation on the first day in the store and then are taken through station training by their manager. In some markets, orientation takes place in groups at a centrally located facility. At our corporate office, orientation is scheduled every Monday, and new team members are taken through a day of interaction with various people from across the organization.