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QCC Maintenance & Safety Technician

Job Details

Job Ref:
1389 Hwy 92, Acworth, GA 30102
Employment Type:
Full time

Job Summary

The QCC Maintenance/Safety Technician provides upkeep and repair for all of the production and facility equipment in our center to ensure or improve production efficiency. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct Safety Orientation for new team members and provide/oversees ongoing team member safety training, annual re-training, first aid/CPR training, and required written safety programs; audit and reinforce application of programs; coordinate annual hearing tests

  • Monitor safety activities and facility conditions, taking corrective actions as necessary; conduct/coordinate incident investigations as needed/requested and serve as a resource to the Director in the event of an OSHA inspection

  • Conduct and document daily hazard assessments and weekly joint hazard assessments throughout the center; ensure quarterly safety self-audits are performed and documented; submit weekly safety reports to the Director of Safety

  • Maintain records, including OSHA 300 log, safety files, training documentation, Work Permits, and LOTO procedures etc.

  • Support Operations by participating in safety conference calls, Safety Committee, safety webinars, Safety team building meetings, R & R meetings, and updating the R & R board; provide Operations with Safety topic of the week

  • Provide routine reports and communicate facility needs, issues, status, etc., and workers’ compensation information provided by the Corporate Safety Team; keep management updated on the overall safety program

  • Serve as the primary contact between the Corporate Safety Team and Risk Management and the facility for workers’ compensation claims; ensure work-related incidents are reported; gather witness statements and documentation; ensure injured team members follow Company Policy, maintain follow-up treatments, and provide medical documentation; ensure Leave of Absence paperwork is submitted and coordinate team member’s return to work; assist department managers in obtaining all needed medical information regarding claims

  • Assist in identifying the root cause, ensure proper corrective actions are taken to resolve the “event” and they are working  (all documentation/reports should be reviewed for accuracy and completeness)

  • Coordinate, establish, and maintain relationships with the facility’s occupational clinic

  • Preferred but not required to have OSHA-30 training and CSP certification